The Hon Toke Tufukia Talagi is the Premier of Niue, Minister of Finance and Economics Development, Government Business and Foreign Affairs since 2008. He was elected for a second term as Premier in 2014.
Premier Talagi first entered Parliament in 1999. He resigned from Government duties in the early 1990s and he was Niue’s Consul-General in 1981, however returned to Niue at completion of his overseas posting and was appointed Director for the Niue’s Economic Affairs Office.
He was a active member in community activities and was the former President of the Public Service Association (PSA), Alofi South Village Council Member and now current President of the Niue Ruby Union.
The Hon Talagi holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from the Massey University.
He was born on 9 January 1951 in Alofi, Niue.

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