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What is TECCBUF?
The implementation of the Pacific Regional Indicative Programme is being overseen by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS), which is the Duly Mandated Regional Organisation (DMRO) for the EDF resources in the region. With the 11th EDF in place it was imperative that the Technical Cooperation and Capacity Building Facility (TECCBUF) funded by the European Union from the 11th European Union Development Fund (EDF) and implemented by the PIFS, be set up to continue this oversight. The programme falls under the Pacific Regional Indicative Programme (RIP) 2014-2020 Priority 3.3 Strengthening of Regional Organisations (SRO) and Priority 4 Technical Cooperation Facility (TCF).

What are the key result areas of TECCBUF?

TECCBUF has 4 key result areas:

KRA 1.) RAO better coordinates and steers the design and implementation of the Regional Indicative Programme {RIP) and Intra ACP funded actions in the Pacific region and provides more effective oversight, monitoring and reporting.

KRA 2.) Improved capacities of regional organisations and other relevant stakeholders at the regional and national level in the Pacific region to implement EU programmes.

KRA 3.) Enhanced Policy Dialogue and coordination between Pacific ACP States, the OCTs, CROP Agencies, the OMRO, the EU and other development partners, contributing to more sustainable cooperation programmes.

KRA 4.) NSA ‘s and CSO’s (including women’s groups) participate more effectively in regional policy making development and implementation processes.

What are the overall objectives of the TECCBUF project?

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the effective implementation of EU’s development cooperation within the Pacific ACP region in line with the Pacific Leaders’ vision for inclusive development to achieve a region of peace, harmony, security and economic prosperity.The project purpose is strengthened capacities of the RAO and the Pacific Island State NAO’s for improved management of their respective EDF portfolios (including Intra-ACP programmes), as well as strengthened voices of
the CSO’s/NSA’s where regional policy dialogue is concerned for effective CSO participation in policy engagement and implementation.