His Excellency Taneti Maamau is the 5th President of the Republic of Kiribati. He was elected as President on 11 March 2016.
Under his leadership, President Maamau also holds the portfolio of Head of State and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration.
President Maamau began his career in the civil service as a Planning Officer with the Ministry of Finance in 1979.

He then joined the Admin cadre as an Assistant Secretary for Ministry of Finance. He continued his Admin career as a Senior Assistant Secretary for Ministry of Education, Deputy Secretary for Ministry of Finance and also for the Office of Te Beretitenti, until he became Permanent Secretary during His Excellency Teburoro Tiito’s Government reign. He has also worked for Public Service Office, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Commerce, and Industry & Cooperatives as Permanent Secretary.
His Excellency resigned from the civil service to enter into politics and was first elected as a Member of Parliament in 2007.
President Maamau holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Admin and Sociology from the University of the South Pacific, a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Admin from the University of Sydney and a Masters in Economics from the University of Queensland, Australia.
He was born on 16 September 1960 and is from Onotoa Island.