Tenders and Procurement

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat works to ensure all firms and individuals have full information on our tender and procurement opportunities.

We have included a Question and Answer (Q&A) facility for each tender listing, which will ensure that everyone can see the responses to any questions that may be posed to the Secretariat. The Secretariat will also use this facility to notify any changes to a listing, such as changes in due dates.

Policies & Information

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat’s procurement system is founded on the key principles of VALUE FOR MONEY; PROBITY; RESPONSIBLE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT; FAIR AND CONSISTENT DEALINGS and TRANSPARENCY. The Secretariat believes that promoting fair and open competition is the fairest and most cost effective means by which to acquire goods, services and capital works from external sources.

The Secretariat’s procurement system can typically be divided into 3 different phases. As such, the Secretariat’s procurement system is governed by 3 distinct but interrelated policies that reflects the 3 different procurement phases. They are:

  1. Procurement Policy, Procurement (Purchasing) Procedure & Procurement (Tendering Procedure) which sets out the key procurement principles, identifies the different types of procurement methods, provides the general rules regulating procurement as well as outlining the initial processes for undertaking procurement;
  2. Evaluations Policy which sets out the requirements for call and receipt of tenders and the rules relating to evaluating bids;
  3. Engagement Policy which sets out the rules relating to contractual negotiations and the processes for engaging the successful bidder.

All tender documents must be submitted in accordance with the specifications provided in the request for tender document.


Complaints regarding a specific tender must be directed to the following email address Tender.Complaints@forumsec.org This email address is to a person that is independent and removed from the tender process. Complaints must be well founded and should not be used as a mechanism for notifying displeasure with been unsuccessful with a tender award. You should identify the tender process by number and set out the specific grounds for your complaint in writing. Once received it will be acknowledged by email and followed up, or investigated, as required.

You can contact the Director of Operations on +679 322 0256 to check the status of any complaint about a tender process. You may also contact the Secretariat’s Internal Auditor on +679 331 3955 if you have a concern about the Secretariat’s complaint management process. For All complaints received will be dealt with according to the Complaints Management Procedure.

Publication of outcome

The outcome of all tenders are published on the Secretariat’s website. Such publication will include the name of the successful bidder, the purpose of the tender award and a summary of the work to be carried out. Unsuccessful bidders may request a debrief of their proposal by emailing the relevant contact person stipulated in the request for tender document.

For further information regarding the Secretariat’s procurement system, please contact Tender.Enquiries@forumsec.org

Tender Awarded