The Library at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat holds de-classified records (1971-2004) and proceedings, statements, images and historical speeches from Leaders meetings.

The online portal is easily accessible to the public and is a rich source of regional information.

Celebrating 50 years of the Pacific Islands Forum

Listen to audio interviews with 16 former Pacific Leaders as they recount the moments that shaped our region.

A Brief History

The current location of the Information Management Office was the original meeting centre of what was then known as the SPEC (South Pacific Bureau for Economic Corporation).  The building itself was built in 1976 for that purpose and was later converted into the Library after the new Ryoichi Jinnai Conference Centre was opened in 1994. The building structure was extended with mezzanine floor which was put in to hoard space and later housed the registry & archive.

The two sections, Library and Registry were merged in early 2004. It was known then as the Information Services Team. The team then comprised of a Team Leader Information Services (TLIS) and two assistants. The assistant positions were the Records Management and the Library Assistant. After the departure of the TLIS in 2007 the position was vacant until the CROP (Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific) wide review to their respective Information services was conducted in September 2009.

The CROP members involved in the review were the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC), Secretariat Pacific Regional Environment Programme  (SPREP) and the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat (PIFS).  The report of the Review was finalised and submitted back to participating organisations in late October 2009.  PIFS then contracted a consultant in December 2009 to review the current staffing needs. This was one of the specific recommendations for PIFS.

As a result, the name was then changed to Information Management. The positions for the assistants were upgraded to coordinators. The IM Team comprises of the Information Management Coordinator- Records (IMC-R), Information Management Coordinator – Library (IMC-L), Information Management Assistant (IMA) and the Information Management Support (IMS).

What’s in the Collection for you?

The Information Management office holds approximately 40, 000 volumes. It includes Books (Reference & General), Serials, Newspapers, Forum Documents, Maps, CD ROM, Videos, and Photographs.

General / Reference / Serial Collection / Newspapers
Newspapers (kept in the Library for 3 months then discarded)
CDROM Databases

Main floor
Staff work room
Main floor
Staff work room
Staff work room


Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat
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Library Hours

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Weekends/Public Holidays: Closed

Postal Address

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Coordinators: (679) 7788 352, (679) 7788353