His Excellency David Kabua is the ninth President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

President Kabua has been representing Wotho Atoll since his first appointment as Senator in 2008. In his second term, he was given the portfolio as Minister of Health and then later Minister of Internal Affairs. He was appointed Minister in Assistance to the President in his third term.

During his early years, President Kabua had worked in several Public Service positions as a teacher aid in the Headstart Program for two years, a student liaison officer, General Manager for the Marshall Islands Development Authority (MIDA) under the Ministry of Resources and Development, 1996, and four years as the Consul General in Orange County, California.

He has an extensive background in the private sector for more than ten years as a business owner.

President Kabua was born in Majuro and is the son of the first President of the RMI Amata Kabua and First Lady Emlain Kabua. Upon completion of his studies at Xavier High School (1971) in Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia, President Kabua furthered his education at Hilo College and at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.