Forum Engagement

Why we enagage

Engagement across the region and internationally is vital to achieving the Forum’s mission of a peaceful, harmonious, secure, inclusive and prosperous Pacific.

The Forum Secretariat engages with Members, partners, stakeholders and the people of the Pacific to identify and inform regional priorities, as well as to develop policy and programs in response to these priorities.

The Secretariat also engages to garner support for and uptake of the Forum Leaders’ agenda and Pacific regionalism at the international level.

Ultimately, the aim is to ensure the best possible outcomes for the people and communities of the Pacific.

Who we engage with

The Forum Secretariat engages at the intergovernmental and governmental level, and with stakeholders across civil society and the private sector.

Regional engagement

  • Forum Members
  • Forum Observers
  • Council for Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP): Comprising the heads of nine intergovernmental regional organisations in the Pacific, CROP works to improve cooperation, coordination, and collaboration in achieving sustainable development in the Pacific region. The Forum Secretariat’s Secretary General is Chair of the CROP.

International engagement

  • Forum Dialogue Partners: Eighteen countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas are Forum Dialogue Partners, engaging in consultation and collaboration on the Forum Leaders’ agenda.
  • Forum Development Partners
  • International organisations and mechanisms: The Forum Secretariat engages with the United Nations to promote and garner support for the Pacific regional agenda.

Civil society

  • The Forum Secretariat engages with civil society organisations (CSOs) through dialogue, consultation, collaboration and partnerships in the shaping and implementation of regional priorities. This includes regional CSOs; national umbrella organisations, alliances and networks; and national CSOs.

Private sector

  • The Forum Secretariat convenes an annual platform for  political dialogue with the private sector.

How we engage

The Forum Secretariat’s engagement with partners, stakeholders and the people of the Pacific occurs through a variety of formal and informal channels including:

  • Formal meetings with Forum Leaders and officials – the Associate Member/Observer Dialogue, Forum Dialogue Partners Dialogue, CROP Heads Dialogue, NSA-Leaders’ Dialogue, Private Sector Dialogue
  • Regional policy consultations and submission processes across Forum Member countries as part of the Framework for Pacific Regionalism
  • Participation in global events such as the United Nations General Assembly and Conference of the Parties (COP) climate change conference
  • Workshops, seminars and events across the region on priority issues such as trade, fisheries and climate change
  • Digital surveys, updates and briefings

You can find out more information about ways to engage and work with the Forum under the Work With Us heading.