Serving the Pacific: Our work and programs

Our values

These Pacific regional values will guide all our policy-making and implementation.

We value and depend upon the integrity of our vast ocean and our Island resources.

We treasure the diversity and heritage of the Pacific and seek an inclusive future in which cultures, traditions and religious beliefs are valued, honoured and developed.

We embrace good governance, the full observance of democratic values, the rule of law, the defence and promotion of all human rights, gender, equality, and commitment to just societies

We seek peaceful, safe, and stable communities and countries, ensuring full security and wellbeing for the peoples of the Pacific.

We support full inclusivity, equity and equality for all people of the Pacific.

We strive for effective, open and honest relationships and inclusive and enduring partnerships—based on mutual accountability and respect—with each other, within our sub-regions, within our region, and beyond.

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