As Pacific peoples, our values will guide our collective action in delivering the 2050 Strategy
  • We recognise regional cooperation and our shared commitment to work together, as an important platform for achieving the greatest benefits for our people.
  • We value and depend upon our vast ocean and our island resources and the integrity of our natural environment.
  • We treasure the diversity and heritage of the Pacific and seek an inclusive future in which our faiths, cultural values, and traditional knowledge are respected, honoured and protected.
  • We embrace good governance, the full observance of democratic principles and values, the rule of law, the defence and promotion of all human rights, gender equality, and commitment to just societies.
  • We ensure peaceful, safe, and stable communities and countries, ensuring robust security and wellbeing for the peoples of the Pacific.
  • We encourage innovation and creativity and respect our cultural values and traditional knowledge.
  • We support full inclusivity, equity and equality for all peoples of the Pacific.
  • We strive for effective, open and honest relationships and inclusive and enduring partnerships—based on mutual accountability and respect—with each other, within our sub-regions, within our region, and beyond.
  • We recognise the importance of a regional architecture that includes the Pacific Islands Forum at the apex, and that works closely with regional, multilateral, and global partners.