Securing the future of the Pacific cannot be left to chance, but requires a long-term vision, strategy and commitment – Pacific Islands Forum Leaders, 2019 Communique

The Blue Pacific Continent is our home, ocean, lands and common heritage.

As Pacific Leaders, we are strongly committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of our people, and to human rights and equity for all. We place great value on our ocean and land, and celebrate a deep connection to our community, natural environment, resources, livelihoods, faiths, cultural values and traditional knowledge.

We work with our people to deliver on a vision that they will help to nurture. We welcome the support of our national and regional institutions in these efforts. We have often taken on challenges much bigger than ourselves. Many of our nations have gained political independence and have set new paths for their future. Our governance is maturing, and our people have much higher expectations of transparency and accountability. Our public services are supporting a gradual improvement of our wellbeing and quality of life. Much work remains, yet we are confident of success.

The establishment of the Pacific Islands Forum in 1971 strengthened our collective voice and revealed our commitment to political and economic cooperation. The 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent builds on this long history of working together.

In this context, the 2050 Strategy sets out our long-term approach to working together as a region, and as countries and territories, communities, and people of the Pacific. It frames our regional cooperation and broader action around seven key thematic areas which are designed and developed to support the achievement of our vision. These thematic areas include Political Leadership and Regionalism; People-Centred Development; Peace and Security; Resource and Economic Development; Climate Change and Disasters; Ocean and Environment; and Technology and Connectivity. They will require a whole-of-region approach, the inclusion of all key stakeholders in supporting and delivering on our shared priorities, and engaging as the Blue Pacific Continent in strategically beneficial partnerships at the regional, multilateral and global level.

These efforts will require the contribution of all stakeholders, including CROP and other regional agencies; the private sector; civil society; media; academia; community, cultural and faith-based organisations; development partners; and other equally valuable constituencies. Further, we acknowledge the need to listen to and respond to the voices and aspirations of all Pacific peoples, including most importantly, our young people and children as they will inherit what we leave behind.

The success of the 2050 Strategy depends on enhanced cooperation, strong leadership and the continued participation at all levels of society in its implementation. We seek the broadest support possible across our region to ensure full ownership and accountability in delivering on our shared objectives. Through this Strategy we pledge our support to your voices, actions and decisions to build a brighter future for our Blue Pacific. This is our 2050 Strategy, and we will drive and deliver it together for the benefit of all Pacific peoples.