RELEASE: Celebrating the science of measurement – Pacific launches inaugural Metrology Week

PIF, Suva FIJI, 24 July 2023 – A week of firsts will mark an inaugural Pacific Metrology week, which gets underway this morning at the Pacific Islands Forum secretariat in Suva.

Hosted by the Pacific Islands Forum’s Pacific Quality Infrastructure Initiative. The week-long programme aims to support trade measurement regulators through capacity building in preparation for the procurement of equipment. Nearly thirty participants from 12 Pacific Island countries will take part in the programme, which includes theoretical and practical training as well as excursions. This week will also see the first face-to-face meeting of the Pacific Islands Metrology Committee, which was established in March 2023. The committee is tasked with coordinating metrology matters in the Pacific, as most countries have no or limited access to such services.

“Metrology is the Science of Measurement, one of the components of Quality Infrastructure and an important foundation for any measurement, be it for industry, academia, regulation, or society” said PIF Director Programmes & Initiatives, Zarak Khan.

Measurements are at the core of everyday business practice — from weighing vegetables at the supermarket or filling petrol at the petrol station, as well as calibrating measuring instruments in laboratories.

Forum member participants coming through the program will be able to test measurement equipment in line with international best practices to ensure reliability of measurements in business and enhance consumer protection and learn accurate and reliable measurements for trade and human welfare in the Pacific.

The event is being organised in collaboration with the Fiji Ministry of Trade, Commerce, Tourism and Transport, the National Measurement Institute, Australia, and Trading Standards New Zealand.




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