RELEASE: Global milestone as G7 Leaders hear from Pacific Islands Forum Chair

20 May 2023, Hiroshima—Pacific lessons and thought leadership on solutions for the challenges of our time are being taken to the seven most powerful democracies in the world. Pacific Islands Forum Chair, Prime Minister Mark Brown will deliver three statements this weekend to the Group of Seven (G7) as they convene for their 2023 summit in Japan.

The Cook Islands Prime Minister has been invited to speak to the leaders on the value of working together through multiple crises toward a peaceful, stable, and prosperous world, and the common endeavour for a resilient and sustainable planet.

Prime Minister Brown, Forum Chair since February 2023, said the invitation to speak at the G7 summit “provides an opportunity to share our concerns, our priorities, and most importantly, our solutions, to the unprecedented global challenges of our time.”

“Whether we are speaking to our Pacific realities caused by rippling effects of conflict and security in other parts of the world, it is clear the G7 leaders also recognise our common future. What happens in Ukraine affects food security across the world. In the same vein, what happens to biodiversity and tuna stocks in our Blue continent will impact food security across the world. It’s significant that we’ve reached a point where the world’s largest and the world’s smallest nations are in the same room, talking and listening “

As Forum Chair, the Cook Islands PM will also update G7 leaders on arrangements for the upcoming Pacific islands Forum Leaders Meeting from 6-10 November. —ENDS.

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