RELEASE: Pacific to benefit from Labour Mobility strategy under new PIF-IOM partnertship

6 April 2023, PIFSec, Suva-– A wave of support for labour mobility and trade in the Pacific are key benefits from a new memorandum of understanding between the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

PIF Secretary General, Henry Puna and the IOM Chief of Mission, Jacqueline Weekers, today signed the MOU partnership which will include support for the development of a new regional labour mobility strategy.

In February 2020, Forum Trade Ministers directed the PIF Secretariat to undertake a comprehensive assessment of different labour mobility arrangements, including regional and sub-regional trade agreements.

Forum Leaders in their recent Special Leaders retreat shared the same view and tasked the Secretariat to work with all participating countries to better understand challenges and opportunities.

Welcoming the momentum of the new partnership and its support, Forum SG Henry Puna said “Today’s signing is a testament of a genuine partnership between PIFS and IOM to progress the issue of labour mobility as an economic opportunity for both sending and receiving countries, and specifically coordinating the development of the regional labour mobility strategy including further dialogues on labour mobility as mandated by Forum Leaders.”

“IOM is pleased to partner with PIF on enhancing labour mobility governance in the region and contribute to the goals of the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent. The Regional Labour Mobility Strategy will complement and build on existing initiatives, enhance coordination, and inform future interventions and decision making of key national and regional labour mobility stakeholders in the Pacific,” said Jacqueline Weekers.

The PIF-IOM MOU will see consultations led by the Secretariat with a new Labour Mobility specialist, who will work with Forum Members and stakeholders to develop the Regional Labour Mobility Strategy. The Labour Mobility strategy will reflect the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent and existing regional frameworks on Aid for Trade and Economic Development. —ENDS


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