REMARKS: PACER-Plus, Facebook Marketplace a digital boost- Kiribati statement to CSW67

Delivered by Minister of Youth Sport and Social Affairs,
Honorable Martin Moreti
At the 67th Session of the Commission of the Status of Women (CSW)
“Innovation and Technological Change and Education in the Digital Age for
Achieving Gender Equality and Empowerment of all women and girls”
UN headquarters, New York, 6th March 2023


Madam Chair
UN Secretary General
Distinguished delegates.
Ladies and Gentlemen

I am very delighted to be here, to bring warm greetings from the Government and the people of the Republic of Kiribati. We congratulate you for assuming the role of the chair
for this session.

Madam Chair, At the outset, I would like to wish everyone here and around the world a ‘Happy Women’s Day’

Madam Chair, Kiribati fully supports and aligns itself with the statements highlighting this year’s theme and commend all countries in their progress and achievements in the digital age to
achieve gender equality and empowering of all women and girls.

My government acknowledges and recognizes that innovation and technology have the potential to transform the way we live, work, and learn for advancing gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls.

To fully harness the potential of innovation and technology for gender equality, we need to address the persistent gender gaps where women and girls are lacking and underrepresented such as in STEMS, digital literacy, skills development, and access to ICT infrastructure. It is imperative that education and training programs are accessible and affordable for all.

Moreover, online harassments, cyberbullying, stalking, and exposing women and girls for porn entertainment is still experienced in our daily life and if this gender inequality treatment continues, it may exacerbate existing gender gaps.

My country’s progress in the digital arena is gradually moving forward while in other areasvhave made good progress regarding setting up and standardizing systems to address Gender-based violence and a feasibility study on women economic empowerment (2018) to find ways to improve women status in the business arena and many more.

In terms of empowering women and girls in the digital economy, the PACER Plus has been instrumental in providing a platform where women and girls have engaged more prominently in e-commerce to facilitate and promote trade. A renowned initiative, ‘Buy and Sell Facebook page’ is a classic example commonly used by our people that promotes online marketing for local products.

Kiribati Vision (KV20) has driven many changes and improves people living situations such as increasing the price of copra, free education, introducing and expanding the Social Protection initiative and policies to consider unemployed citizen in 2020. These social benefits have supported the people especially women, helping families to ease their burden to meet children’s expenses and many more. The government’s Social Protection schemes have assisted in self-sustaining and building the resilience of its citizens especially during COVID 19 pandemic and the Drought season, which are currently in effect in Kiribati.

Despite the progressive achievements, further support is required to enhance connectivity, awareness and advancing planning measures to curb negative effects of internet access and risky ventures. Developing cybersecurity is critical and a must.

Moreover, investing in STEM education, enhancing entrepreneurship opportunities, improving financial services for women, increase access to education and job opportunities through the e-learning and online job platforms, building local capacity are also important to empower women and girls.

Madam Chair, we need solidarity to stand by each other, joining hands, to fight and to achieve gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls around the world.

Before I conclude, allow me to convey words of appreciation on behalf of the government and people of Kiribati to our international and regional development partners, including Organizations who have assisted and worked with us to improve the status of our women and girls in Kiribati.

In conclusion, I wish to bestow upon you our Kiribati traditional blessings of “Te Mauri Te Raoi ao Te Tabomoa” Good Health, Peace and Prosperity be with you all.

Kam bati n Rabwa!  Thank you.



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