COP27: Need to act beyond words, says Pacific Gender Champion

Climate change summits need to move beyond words and show more action.

That’s the view of Niue’s Minister for Natural Resources, Hon. Mona Ainu’u.

She is also the first Pacific region’s Political Champion for Gender and Social Inclusion for the climate summit in Egypt, also known as COP27.

“I’m hearing a lot from the Pacific, especially with the women that have spoken, how things have not moved.

“But I guess this is one of the things we have to work on as a Pacific region, to allow that voice for us to amplify what we have or what we’re bringing to, to the meetings”, she says.

She said developing countries in need of assistance to combat climate change need to see results from the climate talks.

“It’s no point in coming to these things and continuing to come to these things. Because we travel so far to bring our voice but it’s a waste of time for us if we’re not achieving or if they’re not listening to us.”

Minister Ainu’u said developing countries, such as Niue, need support to cope with climate change as they lack resources. She welcomed the support announced by New Zealand, and other developed countries, to assist developing countries with climate adaptation. –ENDS

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