REMARKS: Zarak Khan, Director of Programmes and Initiatives at the inaugural Pacific Regional Standards Committee

Remarks delivered by  Zarak Khan, Director Programmes & Initiatives, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat

at the Inaugural Meeting for the Pacific Regional Standards Committee

28 April 2022

Regional Quality Infrastructure Focal Points

Regional Standardization Focal Points

Development Partners – Standards Australia

Ladies and Gentlemen

Yadra Vinaka.


Bula, and a big Pacific welcome to all of our Standards and QI focal points from around the Blue Pacific Continent to the Inaugural Meeting for the “Pacific Regional Standards Committee”.

Over the past months, the PQI Initiative has held a series of capacity building measures for our national standardization focal points. These were in the form of workshops and individual mentoring sessions, and then finally, the Standards 1-on-1 Needs Assessments.

These activities were conducted to educate our members and raise awareness of the importance of quality infrastructure in the pacific region. We sincerely hope that you have seen the value of participating in these capacity building sessions.

Members, we have now reached an important milestone on our Pacific Quality Infrastructure (PQI) Initiative – the establishment of the Pacific Regional Standards Committee.

The Pacific Regional Standards Committee is a core component of the governance structure of the PQI Initiative.  You – The Committee, will be responsible for co-ordinating standardisation activities across the region, with the aim of harmonising and developing standards, and making them more accessible to local stakeholders such as regulators, small and medium-sized enterprises, and consumers.

 With this meeting, the Pacific Regional Standards Committee will discuss its Terms of Reference and the modus operandi of the committee to support the implementation of the PQI initiative.

 The PQI Initiative aims to support our forum island members in a similar way for upcoming, (a) metrology and (b) testing (a.k.a conformity assessment), with the establishment of 2 other  regional committees for these essential QI pillars, over the next few months.

Once again, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the time your office has devoted to the activities organised by the PQI initiative, and also Standards Australia for their partnership in facilitating the functioning on this important regional body.

Today’s meeting as another step in building a strong and resilient QI for your countries and for the region. We wish the Pacific Regional Standards Committee all the best in its work.

I wish you all successful deliberations.






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