Disaster Risk Finance (DRF) Symposium Resources

The Disaster Risk Finance (DRF) Symposium will be held in partnership between the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and the Pacific Resilience Partnership Disaster Risk Finance Technical Working Group.

It will be held from 3-4 May 2022.

Disaster risk management modalities in the Pacific have received significant attention in recent years. While the Pacific has seen a shift from a predominant focus on Disaster Management to one where there is a heightened concern for and action in relation to Disaster Risk Reduction, the need to strengthen response capabilities has not been minimized.

Recently increased dedicated efforts have been focused on Disaster Risk Financing as an important tool in resilience building. 4. While several DRF modalities have been actively utilised in the region, gaps remain with regards to adequate coverage for losses and damages caused by disasters. Understanding of each modality and the capacity to fully utilise available funding mechanisms needs to be enhanced.

The gaps, can to some extent, be attributed to the absence of a well-constructed DRF Strategy causing countries to take whatever modality is offered regardless of their “fit-for-purpose”. This DRF symposium aims to bridge this gap by providing some guidance on how countries can develop their DRF Strategies.

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