Workshop Enhances Skills of Youth Filmmakers and Poets

Oct 15, 2021 — A workshop was held on 13 October 2021 to enhance the skills of emerging Pacific young film makers and poets in digital activism tools, to further assist them in advocating for their issues in the digital spaces.

The participants found the workshop sessions very interesting and useful.

“The sessions were very informative, and it boosted my creativity. I learnt so much”, said Ms. Fiada Kede, a 26-year-old participant from Papua New Guinea.

Ratu Epineri Vuruna, a 20-year-old participant from Fiji, stated that the workshop motivated him to become a better creative storyteller.

“I hope there would will be more workshops in the future”, he added.

The workshop organised by the British High Commission Suva, Pacific Islands Forum and the Pacific Resilience Partnership, in collaboration with 350 Pacific, gave the eight participants a creative insight into story-telling.

While opening the workshop Dr. Filimon Manoni, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Pacific Islands Forum, highlighted that for our Blue Pacific region climate change is no longer an issue of debate. It is a matter of survival and we need to act now for our children, for our grandchildren, for all of humanity.

“Let me be clear, climate advocacy is not the responsibility of our political leadership only. Each of us has a moral duty and it’s our shared responsibility as citizens of this Blue Pacific – and through engaging in this very activity, you are contributing to strengthening our regional advocacy as a whole”, said Dr. Manoni.

“With such capacity building opportunities, we hope our young people’s skills will be enhanced to support our collective climate advocacy and action in securing, a resilient future.”

While sharing the work of the UK COP26 Presidency, the British High Commissioner to Fiji H.E. George Edgar emphasised the role young Pacific Islanders play in the climate change and resilience spaces.

“The role and engagement of young people is particularly important because you are going to live with, and work with, the results of the decisions that have been taken now and because your voice and your actions can genuinely make a difference”, said High Commissioner Edgar.

“I think what you are doing is a really important part of that role; sharing your thoughts and feelings about climate change and resilience through the use of arts, through video making, and through poetry”, he added.

This workshop which was part of the recent Pacific Resilience Partnership youth competition under the theme “Our Actions Now – Our Future, Our Resilience” resonates the urgency with which we need to treat resilience and climate action now.

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