Securing our Pacific future – Tuvalu Prime Minister reflects on two-years as Forum Chair

PIF-HQ, Friday 6th August, 2021–Following two years at the helm, Tuvalu concluded its tenure as Chair of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) today, with Forum Leaders recognising Tuvalu’s valuable leadership through challenging times.

In an outgoing speech at the virtual 51st PIF, the Prime Minister of Tuvalu reflected on the theme of the 2019 PIF hosted in Tuvalu – Securing our future in the Pacific – and the collective actions taken to achieve this.

“The work on the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent, the development of the Pacific Resilience Facility, the development of a draft Declaration on Preserving Maritime Zones in the face of Climate Change-related Sea-level rise, our ongoing advocacy against nuclear issues, and the development of strategies for health and economic recovery from COVID-19 are examples of the building blocks for Securing Our Future in the Pacific.”

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu paid tribute to the Forum’s history of addressing issues of most important to the region including Leaders’ endorsement of the Kainaki II Declaration on Urgent Climate Change Action Now in Tuvalu in 2019 – the Forum’s strongest political statement on climate change in its 50-year history.

“In the context of the 50th anniversary of the Forum, and some of the greatest challenges to ever face our Blue Pacific, I believe that our ability to achieve our founding Leaders’ vision, and to secure our future in the Pacific, is as one Forum family, motivated by the strength and purpose of a unified Blue Pacific Continent.”

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu acknowledged the support of Forum Leaders over the past two years and paid tribute to the former and current Secretary General and the broader Pacific community for the support conveyed to Tuvalu.

“As Tuvalu’s time in the Chair draws to an end, I am confident that the people and the government of Fiji, as the Forum Chair will continue our proud legacy and urge us to greater heights and achievements.”

The role of Chair of PIF rotates through Forum Member countries, with countries taking on the chairing role — usually one year– as part of hosting the annual PIF Leaders Meeting.–ENDS

Statement to August 6th Retreat


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