Dame Meg welcomes ‘milestone moment’ for regional fisheries.

PNA CEO Dr Sangaalofa Clark

Dr Sangaalofa Clark- announced by PNAO as new Chief Executive Officer.

PIF-SUVA, FIJI, Nov 26, 2020— Forum Secretary General Dame Meg Taylor has welcomed a “milestone moment for Pacific fisheries”, with the announcement by the Office for the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, PNAO, of Dr Sangaalofa Clark as the new PNA Chief Executive Officer.

Dr Clark, a Kiribati national and one of its leading Oceans scientists, has an extensive career in tuna fisheries management and has led the PNA’s policy push since the Majuro headquarters launched a decade ago. Dr Clark is the first woman to lead the PNA membership.

“Dr Sangaa’s ability, unique skills and experience of the PNA and Pacific fisheries management stand her in good stead for this role, and her achievements and professionalism are inspirational,” says Dame Meg.

“Our Forum Leaders continue to prioritise the importance of maximizing the economic returns from our Ocean resources, alongside sustainable management practices. As well, they have noted the need to encourage more Pacific women into leadership roles to make the most of all the human potential in the region. With Dr Clark’s vision for collaboration, cooperation, and consensus, not just the PNAO, but all Pacific nations will surely benefit,” she said.

The Secretary General also commended the outgoing CEO, Ludwig Kumoru for his four years at the helm. –-ENDS

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