Statement by the Chair of the Pacific Islands Forum on the Bushfires in Australia

The Honourable Kausea Natano

Prime Minister of Tuvalu and Chair of the Pacific Islands Forum

Funafuti, Tuvalu.

2:30pm (Fiji Standard Time), Wednesday

08 January 2020

I am deeply saddened to see the ongoing devastation brought on by the bushfires in Australia – destroying livelihoods, ecosystems, homes and costing lives across Australia.
On behalf of the Pacific Islands Forum, our thoughts and prayers are with Australia and every Australian citizen and resident at this difficult time. My deepest condolences, especially, to the families and friends of those who have tragically lost their lives.
I also recognise and commend the ongoing courage of the firefighters who continue to risk their lives to save others during this time.
The Pacific Islands Forum stands ready to collectively support Australia as best as we can.
I encourage all Pacific Islanders who are looking to lend their support, to consider the following, as our Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific have:


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