Nauru: PIF provides technical assistance to the Government of Nauru

In strengthening Nauru’s trade department, the Secretariat carried out a technical mission in the island nation from 10 -29 November 2019.
The purpose of the mission to provide training and capacity building to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) official to further implement Nauru’s Trade policy and also provide assistance in the implementation of PACER Plus, one ratified.
The Secretariat’s Trade Policy Adviser, Juma Jill provided the technical assistance based at DFAT and worked closely with the Deputy Secretary in charge of International Affairs and Trade   Ms. Christiana Detenamo under the overall guidance of the Secretary Mr. Mike Aroi and; the Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment (CIE) Director- Mr. Creiden Fritz.
 Jill assisted the DFAT officials with the proposed restructuring of the DFAT in improving Nauru’s trade and further ensuring effective implementation of Trade Agreements key amongst them being PACER Plus in which Nauru is looking towards ratification and implementation and PICTA.
She assisted in shaping the agenda of the upcoming High-Level Consultation between Australia and Nauru in which she provided advice on how best Nauru could diversify its economy under the PACER Plus Agreement.
Jill provided support in training DFAT officials on the Principles of the International Trade Policy.
The Prseident, HE Lionel Rouwen Aingimea was also briefed on diversification of Micronesian economies, increasing exports and developing niche products. This is in line with the country’s preparations to host the Micronesian Presidents’ Summit (MPS) in March 2020.
The mission was informed by the Secretariat’s  greater mission to offer support to Forum Members to work together through deeper forms of regionalism in support of sustainable development, economic growth, good governance and security.

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