Pacific Islands Forum Team to observe Solomon Islands Election

7.30 pm (Fiji Standard Time) Monday
25 March 2019

SUVA, Fiji

A team of electoral observers representing the Pacific Islands Forum will soon travel to Honiara to observe the Solomon Islands General Election on April 03.
The team from the Pacific Islands Forum comprises John Kalamoroh, Deputy Electoral Commissioner of the Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission and Losaline Teo of the Government of Tuvalu supported by Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat staff.
Pacific Islands Forum Secretary General, Dame Meg Taylor, thanked the Solomon Islands Government for inviting the Forum to observe the elections and noted the election comes at a pivotal time in the history of the country.
“A free and fair election in April will send a very powerful signal of stability and security to all citizens of the Solomon Islands, as well as the wider Pacific region.
“The Regional Assistance Mission (RAMSI) concluded, relatively recently, in 2017 and this is the first election held since then.
“The Solomon Islands is now responsible for ensuring the security of those who wish to vote, and the overall integrity of the electoral process. It is my hope that this election will reflect the continued commitment by the Solomon Islands government, its agencies, and by all those who are campaigning, to good governance and the rule of law.
“The 2000 Biketawa Declaration endorsed by Pacific Forum Leaders outlines our regional commitment to uphold democratic processes and institutions, and recognise all individual’s inalienable right to participate by means of free and democratic political processes. In this respect it is very important that our team can be in-country and observe and report on what they find,” said Dame Meg Taylor.
International observers, including the team from the Pacific Islands Forum, and domestic observers will observe the election process over the coming period.
The Forum Observer Team, will deploy on 26 March and will meet with Government representatives, the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission, civil society, faith-based organisations, political parties and independent candidates while in country.
During the election, the Forum Observer Team will be deployed on Guadalcanal and Western Province and will observe all aspects of the elections – the opening of polls, casting of votes, closing of polling, and the count.

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