Statement from Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat regarding media and the 2018 Pacific Islands Forum in Nauru

3rd July 2018
The Pacific Islands Forum is committed to the guiding principles of good governance and practices that are open, transparent, accountable, participatory, consultative and decisive but fair and equitable.
The Forum actively promotes these values across the region and Forum Leaders have a long history of articulating their importance.
The Pacific Islands Forum also vigorously defends the right of any sovereign country to make its own lawful decisions about the ways in which it chooses to govern itself.  While Nauru as a sovereign state has stated its position and concerns about media reporting, the Pacific Islands Forum has always stood by the principles of free and open press. This also means a responsibility by the press to be factual in its reporting.
This year’s Pacific Islands Forum is an important meeting with an agenda that will drive further action on issues that directly impact the lives of Pacific people.
The Forum Secretariat is committed to working closely with all the Forum’s stakeholders, including the Government of Nauru and media organisations, to ensure the best possible outcome for all Pacific islanders.

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