World Tuna Day at the Forum Secretariat

Tuna is one of the great resources available to Pacific people. It plays a central role in the diets of many islanders, more than 60% of the world’s tuna comes from the Western and Central Pacific Ocean and the catch value for those fish is roughly US$3 billion.
These are just some of the reasons why the Pacific Islands Forum is committed to ensuring the sustainable development of our tuna fisheries and looking at ways to increase the economic returns to the region.
The Forum Secretariat hosted an event today to mark #WorldTunaDay.
A special guest was Ken Katafono of TraSeable Solutions who are using #blockchain technology to improve transparency across the sector – from #BaitToPlate as they say.
You can read more about the work being done on the regions Tuna Industry on our website and those of our partners in this work the Forum Fisheries Agency, Parties to the Nauru Agreement, & the Pacific Community (SPC).

Ken Katafono

Ken Katafono of Traseable Solutions

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