Pacific Immigration Directors to discuss the potential of increased regional mobility for the business sector

Apia, Samoa– The role of immigration on labour will be the focus of a Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) workshop at this week’s Secretariat of the Pacific Immigration Directors Conference (PIDC) in Samoa.
The conference theme is “Our Waka: Advancing Approaches to Regional Migration Challenges for a Safe and Prosperous Pacific”. The workshop will be an information-sharing opportunity for both the Forum Secretariat and PIDC delegates. In 2016 Pacific Islands Forum Leaders called for greater coordination of regional efforts to improve the mobility of businesses and skilled personnel across the region.
Delegates will have the opportunity to share views on their respective roles on labour mobility, the proposed Forum-wide business travel card, and identify how they can work with other key facilitators of labour mobility in the region to streamline visa and permit applications and approval processes, to facilitate a seamless movement of skilled personnel for extended temporary stays across the region.
The conference will be attended by heads of immigration departments of PIDC member countries.
The workshop on ‘Immigration’s Role on Labour’ will address issues around supportive policies, regulations and procedures to facilitate the seamless movement of businesspersons and professionals across the region.
Experiences of participating immigration departments related to mobility for labour, particularly in terms of challenges and lessons learnt, will inform policy development processes and the development of regional-based solutions. For more information, please email

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