Partnering with Civil Society on Regional Policy Development and Implementation

The importance of meaningful dialogue between civil society organisations (CSOs) and the Pacific Islands Forum was reiterated today as the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) launched a new PIFS-CSO Engagement Strategy.
Speaking at the launch Secretary General, Dame Meg Taylor said “Fundamental to the Framework for Pacific Regionalism is inclusive, equal and effective participation by a wide range of actors, including civil society and other non-state actors. Civil society bring a diversity of perspectives, experiences and networks that can enrich the regional policy dialogue and broaden the reach of policy implementation. This Strategy provides clarity around protocols, processes and purpose of engagement to ensure the best results come from this important partnership”
The Engagement Strategy was produced over the last 12 months following extensive consultation by the Forum Secretariat’s Non-State Actor Program which is funded by the European Union. The programme is focussed on strengthening non-state actor engagement in regional policy development and implementation.
Speaking on behalf of the European Union, EU Head of Cooperation, Mr. Christoph Wagner said: the EU congratulates PIFS for producing the PIFS/CSOs Engagement Strategy. It is a key deliverable of the EU-supported Non-State Actor Program which the EU supports. With this strategy civil society stakeholders have a clear understanding of the various ‘points of engagement’ to contribute to regional policy development in the Pacific. ”
The Strategy is available online via the Forum Secretariat website (

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