2015 Submissions

Connect the Blue Continent
Health Workforce Development
Oceania Charter and Oceania Community
Cervical Cancer Screening Preventation Policy Prog Pacific
Expansion of Fiji Maritime Academy Programmes
Strengthening Specialized Clinical Services in Pacific
A Fiji Perspective 10Point Plans for Proposed Pac Regionalism
A Case for Aerial Maritime Surveillance in the Pacific
Climate Change Issues
Private Sector Advocacy for regional integration
Women Economic Empowerment in Tourism in Pacific
Building Capacity of SMEs in Market Analysis for Regional Trade Integration
Building Capacities of Local Govts
Strengthening regional consciousness, citizenry and policy
Climate Disaster Resilient Development
Waste Plastic Remediation
Transparency and Accountability
Global Climate Agreement
Rainforest and Biodiversity
Climate Change
Organic and Ethical Trade
Good Governance
West Papua Pacific
Advancing the Pacific Consensus For Disarmament
West Papua
Deep Sea Mining
Surveillance and Enforcement
Labour market integration in the PIF
Central Pacific Shipping Commission
Coastal Fisheries
Empowering PICTs with Deep Sea Mining
Water and Sanitation
Tobacco Free Pacific
Food Security
Regional Sustainable Tourism
Labour Mobility
West Papua
Human Rights
SDGs Implementation in the Pacific
Shared Pacific Heritage
Pacific indicators
Gender Equality
Regional ICT Advisory Council
Interdisciplinary research group
Pacific Islands Regional Investment Bank
Pacific Islands Maritime Patrol
A Pacific Islands Community
Maternal Newborn and Child Health
Restructuring the Tuna Fisheries Industry
ICT Connectivity
Peace and Security
Regional Priorities
Towards a regional monitoring agency
Pacific Central The Pacific Channel
Immigration and Resettlement
Decentralisation and Local Governance
Establishment of a Regional Human Rights Forum for Pacific
Rama Voyage