Tuvalu government and donor partners conclude meeting

Funafuti, Tuvalu– The Government of Tuvalu and its donor partners concluded a third high level dialogue on the country’s Policy Reform Matrix for Budget Support in the Tuvalu capita Funafuti.
The dialogue was held on 20th and 23rd April 2012.
The Policy Reform Matrix is a set of national initiatives and reforms to help Tuvalu strengthen its financial position, public administration and overall policy framework. Many of the reforms arise out of the Tuvalu policies in the Te Kakeega II 2005-2015 (TK II) and the revised Te TK II last October.
Donor partners included Australia, New Zealand, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. Observers at the meeting included Japan, the Republic of China (ROC) and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat. “The Policy Reform Matrix emphasizes not only achievable actions but an achievable pathway to reform. We will work with you closely and cooperatively, acknowledging your concerns and requirements, but in the end they will be our actions,” said Hon. Willy Telavi, the Prime Minister of Tuvalu.
Prime Minister Hon. Telavi stated that one of the major goals of this process is to reduce the burden on Tuvalu’s limited capacity. That is why the Tuvalu Government is seeking support for the reforms, in the spirit of the Busan Framework for Aid Effectiveness.
The donor partners agreed their joint presence at the high level dialogue is a fulfillment of their commitment to the Forum Compact Tuvalu Peer Review recommendations and the Busan Commitments for Aid Effectiveness. The donor partners emphasised they were at the dialogue as they have been invited by the Tuvalu Government to participate and see what they can do to assist in the implementation of the Matrix. The donor partners urged the Tuvalu Government to have some doable and implementable objectives and get clarity on the funding gaps which the development partners could assist in the achievement of the objectives of the Policy Reform Matrix.
At the end of the two-day meeting the Tuvalu government and donor partners agreed to focus on a single set of reform priorities, identified by the Government, outlined in a Policy Reform Matrix for Budget Support for Tuvalu.
For media enquiries contact Mr Johnson Honimae, the Forum Secretariat’s Media Officer on email: johnsonh@forumsec.org.fj

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