United States of America

  General Information

Capital: Washington D.C.
Population: 323.8 million (2016)
Language: English
Post-Forum Dialogue membership established: 1989
Additional Forum Dialogue Mechanisms: triennial Pacific Islands Conference of Leaders (PICL) (last held in 2011)
Political system: Federal Republic
Head of State: President Barack Obama
Diplomatic missions in the Pacific: 8 (Australia, Fiji, FSM, RMI, Palau, PNG, NZ, Samoa)
Significant multilateral relationships: Member of ADB, APEC, IMF, ASEAN/ARF, SPC, SPREP, WB, WCPFC, WTO

Trade in the region

Pacific commodities may qualify to enter the US market through its preferential trading arrangement the Generalized System of Preferences program. Key Pacific commodities imported by the US include mineral water, cocoa, coffee and fish.

United Nations

The United States is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and one of the largest contributors to the UN budget.

The United States were the largest financial contributor to the 2015 general UN budget (22%) and supplied 28% of the UN peacekeeping budget.

Development cooperation

In 2014, net U.S. ODA to Forum Island Countries (FICs) totalled $USm 181.5. The U.S. government spent $US 341 million in 2013 in its engagement in the 14 FICs through 15 departments and agencies (includes both direct and in-kind assistance for activities such as development and disaster assistance in the region, law enforcement and search and rescue costs in FIC jurisdictions, and weather monitoring and forecasting services in the region).
FSM, RMI and Palau, known as the Freely Associated States (FAS), are the largest recipients of U.S. assistance due to the Compacts of Free Association (COFA).

Common areas of strategic interest

The United States and PIF members share a common commitment to an effective international order dedicated to sustainable development, environmental protection, protection of human rights, and global peace and stability, climate change, renewable energy, the post-2015 development agenda and advocacy for the special case for Small Island Developing States (SIDS), including the implementation of the SAMOA Pathway.

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