General Information

Capital: Madrid
Population: 46.1 million (2016)
Language: Spanish
Post-Forum Dialogue membership established: 2014
Additional Forum Dialogue Mechanisms: none
Political system: Parliamentary Monarchy

Head of State: King Felipe VI
Head of Government: Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Brey
Diplomatic missions in the Pacific: 3 (Australia, NZ and a Charge D’Affaires in Fiji)
Significant multilateral relationships: Member of ADB, EU, GCF, IMF, IRENA, ISA WB, WTO

Trade in the region

Between 2010 – 2014, Spain’s exports to the Pacific region increased on average by 35% with a strengthening emergence of pharmaceutical products. Imports from the Pacific region has declined, on average, by 4%. Papua New Guinea coffee is a key direct import. Spain maintains a key fisheries interest in the Pacific region, as evidenced through the Spanish fishing vessels in Pacific waters as provided under the Kiribati – EU Fisheries Partnership Agreement. Spain, a leading global importer of frozen tuna loins, is host to a substantial portion of the EU’s domestic canning factories.

United Nations

Spain gained non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council from 2015-16.                                          

Development cooperation

Spain provides ODA through multilateral arrangements. By 2013, 4% of Spain’s total ODA was allocated to ‘Other Asia and Oceania’ (USD 70 million).

Spain’s ODA by region, 2012-13


It contributes close to 8% of the total European Union budget for the Pacific through the 11th European Development Fund. This amounts to €56 million (2014-2020).

Spain provided humanitarian aid during the 2014-15 period to the Solomon Islands (April 2014- €30.000) and Vanuatu (March 2015- €50,000).

Common areas of strategic interest

Spain’s Pacific strategy fosters cooperation with the Forum on climate change, gender issues, trade, development, renewable energies and energy independence, ocean management, fisheries management and combating illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.


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