Peoples Republic of China

  General Information

Capital: Beijing
Population: 1381.6 million (2016)
Language: Chinese
Post-Forum Dialogue membership established: 1990
Additional Forum Dialogue Mechanisms: China-Pacific Island Countries Economic Development and Cooperation Leaders Forum (est. 2006)

Political system: Communist /Socialist
Head of State and Government: President Xi Jinping
Diplomatic missions in the Pacific: 8 (Australia, Fiji, Kiribati, FSM, NZ, PNG, Samoa, Vanuatu)
Significant multilateral relationships: Member of ADB, APEC, ASEAN/ARF, G77, GCF Board, IMF, SPTO, WB, WCPFC, WTO

Trade in the region


Trade between China and Forum Island countries has increased substantially in the past 4 years. Between 2010 – 2014, imports from China increased by 37.54%, similarly, exports to China has increased by 68.5% over the same period. Key exports to China mainly comprise primary goods including timber, fresh and frozen fish products and energy products.

United Nations

China is one of five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. It is a member of the UN Special Committee on Decolonisation (known also as the Committee of 24, or C-24) and the UN Human Rights Council (2015-16).

Development cooperation

Chinese assistance to the region is a combination of loans and grant-based financing. Public reporting on development assistance is limited. According to the Lowy Institute, China has contributed US$1.4 billion to the Pacific in bilateral foreign aid since 2006.

Common areas of strategic interest

At the 2013 China-Pacific Islands Countries Economic Development and Cooperation Forum, China and Forum Island Countries agreed to: (1) strengthen economic and trade relations; (2) support Pacific island countries in developing major projects; (3) offer special loan of US$1 billion to support infrastructure development in those Pacific countries that had diplomatic ties with China; and (4) in respect of protecting the environment, provide Pacific countries with solar street lights, energy efficient electrical home appliances, and other low carbon products.

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