General Information

Capital: Rome
Population: 59. 8 million (2016)
Language: Italian
Post-Forum Dialogue membership established: 2007
Additional Forum Dialogue Mechanisms
: None

Political system: Unitary Parliamentary Republic Head of State: Sergio Mattarella
Head of Government: Prime Minister Matteo Renzi
Diplomatic missions in the Pacific: 2 (Australia, NZ). Established relations with 14 Forum Island Countries.
Significant multilateral relationships: Member of ADB, ASEAN/ARF, EU, G20, GCF Board, IMF, NAM, WTO, WB, Union for the Mediterranean, Council of Europe

Trade in the region

Italian trade with the region is low, with 2014 trade volumes valued at USD 74 million.

Canned tuna is the key Pacific export, utilising 72% of the total canned tuna exports from the Solomon Islands under the Everything-But-Arms EU preferential trading arrangement available to Least Developed Countries (LDCs) only.

United Nations

Italy supports UN Security Council reform, and is in favour of a stronger representation of small island developing states (SIDS). Italy was among the main sponsors of the UN resolution on Climate Change.

Development cooperation

Italy's main support to the region is channelled through the European Union:

EU Funding to Pacific

Italy’s Contribution

10th European Development Fund (EDF), 2008-2013

€97 million (12.86% of total €750 million)

11th European Development Fund (EDF), 2014-2020

€86 million (12.53% of total €686 million)

Other significant multilateral grant contributions include:


Italy’s Contribution

UNDESA Support to formulation of National Sustainable Development Strategies in the Pacific


Pacific Regional Environmental Programme (IUCN, since 2008)

USD 16 million

Humanitarian response in 2015 through FICROSS

€50,000 to Solomon Is
€100,000 to Tuvalu
€300,000 to Vanuatu


Common areas of strategic interest

Priority interests between the Forum and Italy include protection of the environment, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate change. Human rights and a moratorium on use of death penalty have been a long-standing area of common interest between Italy and PIF members.


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