General Information

Capital: Jakarta
Population: 260.1 million (2016)
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Post-Forum Dialogue membership established: 2001
Additional Forum Dialogue Mechanisms: None. Although some members engage with Indonesia through the South West Pacific Dialogue (SwPD)
Political system: Constitutional Republic
Head of State and Government: President Joko Widodo
Diplomatic missions in the Pacific: 4 (Australia, Fiji, PNG, NZ)
Significant multilateral relationships: Member of ADB, APEC, ASEAN, GCF Board (alternate), IMF, ISA, MSG (Associate), WB, WCPFC, WTO, AIIB, Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

Trade in the region

In 2014, regional trade with Indonesia reached approximately USD 300 million. From 2010 – 2014, average import levels from Indonesia to the region increased by 4.29% and Pacific exports to Indonesia increased on average by 2.36%. Cocoa and cocoa extracts form a key Pacific export to Indonesia (50.42% in 2014), mainly from Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

United Nations

Indonesia is a member of the UN Special Committee on Decolonisation (also known as the Committee of 24, C-24) and the UN Human Rights Council (2015-17). It advocates for the strengthening of the UN Human Rights mechanism.                                                                                           

Development cooperation

South-south cooperation for capacity-building initiatives is provided through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sectors include agriculture, arts and culture democracy, disaster risk management, education, energy, fisheries, forestry, good governance, health services, infrastructure, ICT and media, tourism, trade and finance, SME development and women’s empowerment.

From 2000 – 2015 Indonesia conducted 136 capacity building programs to 867 participants from various backgrounds in the Forum Island Countries.


Financial data unavailable

Common areas of strategic interest

Indonesia shares interests in human rights, climate change and the UN Declaration on the Right to Development (RTD). As a partner nation to the Coral Triangle Initiative on coral reefs, fisheries and food security, it is committed to the protection and sustainable use of marine resources.

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