The Pacific Ocean Alliance

The Ocean is a trans-boundary and dynamic resource which affects nearly every aspect of the development agenda in the Pacific. This cross cutting nature means that there is a large and varied collection of stakeholders from various sectors and levels of ocean development with an interest in how we manage our ocean.

Called for by Leaders under the Framework for a Pacific Oceanscape, the Pacific Ocean Alliance (POA) was established by Charter in 2014 to bring about strengthened coordination and collaboration across and between the aforementioned stakeholders on cross sectoral ocean issues. The POA is facilitated by the Pacific Ocean Commissioner, and was launched at the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States in Samoa in September 2014.

It is an open-ended and voluntary information-sharing and coordination partnership between stakeholders with a genuine interest in the sustainable development, management and conservation of the Pacific Ocean and its resources.

The POA provides – through a combination of virtual platforms and face-to-face meetings – a space and common ground to bring together partners such as national government agencies, regional organisations, private sector, academia and research organisations, civil society organisations and communities, who are not currently represented in a coordinated way on ocean issues.

The POA is not a decision-making partnership, however, recommendations may stem from partnership discussions that relevant governments and/or POA partners may choose to progress and/or implement. The POA provides, amongst other things; a mechanism for inclusive consultation in the development and implementation of policy and programs, provision of technical advice as it relates to the sustainable development, management and conservation of the Ocean. It will be guided by the needs of the region under the auspices of the Pacific Ocean Commissioner.

One of the key cross sectoral issues currently being discussed by the Pacific Ocean Alliance partnership is Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction. The first meeting of the POA, entitled ‘High Hopes for High Seas’ was held in March 2015, in Suva, Fiji, and further resources and information on the outcomes of the meeting can be found at the meeting page. The POA will continue to facilitate discussions on this issue as the United Nations negotiations on a new implementing agreement on Biodiversity in areas Beyond National Jurisdiction under the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) progress.

Become involved:
If you would like to be added to the Pacific Ocean Alliance stakeholder database to receive regular updates, please contact  the Office of the Pacific Ocean Commissioner at

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