Engagement with Civil Society and NSAs

Non State Actors (NSAs)
A Non-State Actor is a legal entity that represents the interests of civil society including the private sector, academia and the media. NSAs are not established of, nor do they belong to, a structure or institution of the state.

Why does the Secretariat work with NSAs
Working with Non-State Actors (NSAs) is an important part of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat approach to realise the vision of Pacific Island Leaders detailed in the Framework for Pacific Regionalism. On the global agenda the role of NSAs and civil society in development continues to gain recognition. The Leaders understood that to give effect to this vision, “building partnerships between member countries, territories, regional and international organisations and Non-State Actors” was critical.

In 2011 the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders further tasked the Secretariat to determine “practical means to ensure that civil society perspectives continue to be reflected in Forum policy formulation and are able to be conveyed to future Forum Leader’s meetings”.
The Forum Secretariat acknowledges the connections NSAs have with civil society, the local knowledge they bring to the table, their expertise in development and the work they do with grassroots communities. 

How does the Secretariat work with NSAs?
The Forum Secretariat is committed to building stronger partnerships and relationships with NSAs. In terms of working with NSAs, the Forum Secretariat focuses on:

  • Engagement – facilitating the constructive engagement of NSAs with regional policy.
  • Capacity building – supporting non state actors to better inform regional policy with evidence based approaches.
  • Partnership – working with NSAs to test and challenge policy advice.

The NSA engagement strategy guides effective and productive working relationships between the Forum Secretariat and NSAs. You can read the Strategy Summary here or view the full Strategy here.

The NSA team are always happy to hear from you and they can be emailed at

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