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Funding Assistance

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat manages several funding assistance schemes which are available to member countries. Details of each scheme can be downloaded by simply clicking on the guidelines link below.

Funding Assistance Available:

• Short Term Advisory Service (STAS)
The objective of STAS is to provide a regional source of small, quick response consultancies to assist FICs in meeting priority economic development needs, particularly where such assistance cannot be provided via alternate sources.
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• Legal Drafting Assistance (LDA)
The objective of the Fund is to assist FICs meet the commitments made in the Honiara and Nasonini Declarations to minimise transnational criminal activities and to implement internationally agreed anti-terrorism measures in their respective jurisdictions. This will be achieved by providing targeted assistance for the drafting, enactment and implementation of laws against transnational crime and terrorism.
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• Industrial Training Development Project (IDTP)
The objective of the Fund is to facilitate the development of the private sector through technical advisory services and/or practical hands-on training attachments, thus contributing to improved skills, operations and technologies, product development, leading to enhanced competitiveness.
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• Smaller Island States Development Fund (SISDF)
To provide quick and flexible response to crucial components of the Smaller Island States (SIS) development programmes which are not covered by other aid programmes. The requests should make an important contribution to improving the social and economic welfare of Smaller Island States (SIS).
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• Assistance Scheme for Law Enforcement and Legal Agencies (ASLLEA)
ASLLEA supports the Political and Security Programme strategy 4 as outlined the programme's work plan: "Contribute to the objectives of the Honiara Declaration of Law Enforcement Cooperation and the Nasonini Declaration by:
- Implementing the regional capacity development and law enforcement cooperation programme and encouraging appropriate legislative frameworks to combat international criminal activities
- Evaluating the impacts of projects under the Declaration
- Providing policy advice, coordination and implementation assistance for developing and adopting consistent legal and administrative frameworks for the region
- Law enforcement and judiciary strengthened.
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• Forum Secretariat Fellowship Scheme (FSFS)
To facilitate economic development through the provision of effective short-term training attachments in a range of technical and income generating fields that are consistent with key initiatives of the Pacific Plan particularly under; economic growth, sustainable development, good governance and security.
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• Forum Secretariat Marketing Support Fund (MSF)
To facilitate growth of the private sector through increasing their capabilities to expand, market and promote their products more effectively. The Fund also provides the means for the private sector to gain information on markets that would help develop and maintain strategic and sustainable plans for their businesses.
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• Regional Natural Disaster Relief Fund (RNDRF)
The Fund's objective is to provide member countries with a readily available source of financial relief in the wake of natural disasters.
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• Taiwan/Republic of China-PIFS Scholarship Scheme
Taiwan/ROC-PIF Scholarships are available to citizens of Forum Island Countries (FICs). Scholarships are awarded for full studies at eligible institutions of study.. The programme of study must be within the members’ priority areas.

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