What happens to my submission?

To further place regionalism in line with the Framework's vision, values and objectives, Pacific Island countries will prioritise major regional initiatives for Leaders’ oversight through the following process:

  1. All interested stakeholders will be eligible to submit new regional initiatives to be overseen and driven by Forum Leaders. Initiatives will be submitted to the Forum Secretariat, using a standard template that demonstrates how the proposed initiative is in line with the values and objectives established in this Framework, and how it meets the approved tests for regional action. The Forum Secretariat will assist stakeholders requiring assistance with this process.
  2. The Forum Secretariat will check initiatives for completeness, and will compile all eligible and viable initiatives for further consideration by a specialist subcommittee of the Forum Officials Committee (FOC). The lists of initiatives will be made publically available.
  3. The FOC specialist sub-committee will review new initiatives alongside progress reports for any existing initiatives. It will evaluate whether any existing priorities should be halted due to lack of progress or unfavourable re-evaluation against the tests; and whether any new initiatives should be put forward for the consideration of Leaders. The specialist sub-committee’s decisions will be made public and will follow clear and transparent principles aligned with the values and objectives set out in this Framework.
  4. The FOC will receive the specialist sub-committee’s report to Leaders, and have an opportunity to provide comments or further advice to Leaders. The FOC will compose a proposed agenda for Leaders, including consideration of the recommendations of the specialist sub-committee, consideration of pressing issues forwarded to Leaders from Ministerial meetings, and political issues identified by FOC as requiring Leaders’ guidance. The FOC will have responsibility for ensuring that politically sensitive and major regional issues and initiatives are the focus of Leaders’ meeting agendas.
  5. At their annual Forum, Leaders:
    • Will be invited to consider the specialist sub-committee’s recommendations, identify a small number of regional initiatives for the region to focus on (with no more than five, ongoing or new, to be selected at any one time), and provide directions on further policy development, implementation, and reporting;
    • Will have opportunity to discuss other highest-priority concerns raised by Ministers and the FOC for Leaders’ guidance; and
    • May propose new ideas for regional initiatives, which would be subjected to the evaluation and priority-setting process set out in the previous steps.
  6. If an initiative is selected by Leaders for their oversight, the relevant agencies, organisations, and partners involved in proposing the initiative would work together on its implementation.
  7. Work on regional initiatives selected by Leaders through this Framework should be consistent with the work plans already agreed on by the governing bodies of the relevant agencies, organisations, and partners. In addition to their broader programme of ongoing work in the region, these agencies may develop future regional initiatives, which would be subjected to the evaluation and priority-setting process set out above.
  8. Regional initiatives that are not recommended by the specialist sub-committee for Leaders-level oversight may be overseen by Ministers—who retain decision-making responsibilities in their areas of sectoral expertise—by officials or by the Governing Council of the relevant CROP agency.
  9. The Forum Secretariat will compile progress reports for existing priority areas, at least annually. Progress reports will detail actions taken and costs incurred, and provide an updated evaluation against the tests for regional action. These progress reports will be shared with the original proponents and implementers for comment before being forwarded (along with stakeholders’ comments) to the specialist subcommittee, FOC and Leaders and be made publically accessible.
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