Strategic Partnerships & Coordination
We work towards strengthened partnerships, enhanced co-ordination and assistance in support of the effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Forum Leaders decisions and the Framework for Pacific Regionalism.


To strengthen engagement with stakeholders at all levels in Forum processes, initiatives and partnerships to enhance regional cooperation and integration.

To implement an effective and sustainable programme of monitoring and evaluation of the Leaders’ decisions and the Framework for Pacific Regionalism.

To enhance the coordination and provision of policy advice to members on building strategic partnerships, current and emerging issues in social sectors and development partner engagement.

To advocate and support the Forum position on various issues, and in particular, the special needs of the region’s Smaller Island States.

The Strategic Partnerships and Coordination Programme provides advice and coordination to support member countries better engage with current and emerging partners. In doing so, it works to facilitate dialogue; represent and advocate the Forum position on various issues at both regional and international levels; and provide strategic advice to Forum members to better understand, access and utilise available and future resources to support the building of national and regional capacity to meet the challenges the Pacific faces.

The Programme coordinates and facilitates dialogue, where possible, between members and donors, civil society organisations and governments external to the region. It seeks to ensure the effective delivery and utilisation of development assistance to the regional and minimise wastage of limited regional resources.

The Programme's broad macro-level priorities include:

 Supporting members strengthen partner and stakeholder relations;

 Effectively coordinating the governance, monitoring and evaluation of the Framework for Pacific Regionalism;

 Developing and advocating sound social policy, particularly in support of education, gender and disability and coordinate their integration into national and regional policies;

 Maintaining a regional capacity to address the special requirements of the smaller island states of the Forum;

 Strengthening engagement with the public and better develop communication tools to raise awareness of the Secretariat’s work and Leaders’ decisions; and

 Supporting the efficient disbursement of regional funds such as the European Development Fund (EDF 10).

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