Legal Matters
The Political Governance & Security Programmes supports members achieve improved regional security and political integrity through the provision of high quality advice, coordination and implementation assistance.

Agreement Establishing the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat

The constitutive treaty for the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat currently in force is the Agreement Establishing the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, done at Tarawa on 30 October 2000.

In 2004, as part of a range of recommendations to reform the Forum, Leaders directed that its constitutive Agreement be reviewed to reflect the new purposes and functions of the Forum.

The resulting new Agreement was opened for signature on 27 October 2005, and has been signed by all Forum members. The new Agreement will enter into force when it is ratified by all sixteen Forum members.

Agreement Establishing the Pacific Islands Forum, done at Port Moresby on 27 October 2005


Regional Cooperation in the Legal Sector

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat works with Forum member countries to provide legal assistance and enhance legal cooperation in the Pacific region in various ways. Through the Pacific Plan, the Secretariat is working to explore opportunities for enhanced legal sector cooperation including the sharing of judicial resources and legal institutions at a regional level. The Legal Adviser also works with other areas of the Secretariat as well as other regional and international organisations to provide advice and help coordinate regional action on international legal issues of interest to members. 

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