Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat
Forum Regional Security Committee (FRSC)
The Political Governance & Security Programmes supports members achieve improved regional security and political integrity through the provision of high quality advice, coordination and implementation assistance.

The Forum Regional Security Committee (FRSC) is an important driver of the work performed by the Forum Secretariat. Coordinated by the Political Governance and Security Programme, the FRSC’s annual meeting draws together representatives from Member Countries, representatives of all the Regional Law Enforcement Secretariats such as OCO, PIDC, PILON and PICP as well as representatives of other CROP agencies such as SPREP, SPC and FFA. The annual meeting of the FRSC is the principal regional forum on political security and governance issues and allows Members and stakeholders to:


The FRSC traditionally meets in early June of each year and prepares recommendations for the annual Forum Officials Committee Meeting.

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