Pacific Islands Forum Regional policy consultations move to Nauru

21st February 2017

Yaren District, Nauru:The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat continues its region wide policy consultations with the focus this week on listening to the people of Nauru.  

The Forum Secretariat has been travelling the region since late last year to develop a deeper understanding of the common issues and challenges that face the people of the region. The key themes that emerge from the consultations will be used to shape future regional policy, including a regional security declaration or Biketawa Plus, and a proposed collective Forum foreign policy.

The Forum Secretariat team is led by Deputy Secretary General, Cristelle Pratt, and includes Governance and Engagement Director Sione Tekiteki, as well as Advisers Tim Bryar and Penisoni Naupoto.

“Forum Leaders have said very clearly that policy initiatives driven by Pacific regionalism, where we work together as one Blue Pacific continent for our collective common good, must be informed by Pacific people so they can effectively benefit Pacific people. We are excited to be in Nauru this week to ensure that the ideas and concerns of its people are reflected in the development of regional policies,” said Ms Pratt.  

“Three weeks ago the Secretary General was in Nauru for Independence Day celebrations. Over the last fifty years its people have built a proud and successful nation. Therefore, the insights and perspectives they have been gained along the way are invaluable for discussions around how to continue to develop our region sustainably so that future generations of Pacific people can lead free, healthy, and productive lives.        

“As incoming Chair and host of this years’ Pacific Islands Forum it feels particularly appropriate to be in Nauru. The key issues discussed at that meeting will be related to the important work we are here to do this week.” 

Next week the Forum Secretariat moves on to Kiribati and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

More information on how you can be part of the regional policy consultations, including online surveys relating to Biketawa Plus, the proposed Forum foreign policy, regional labour mobility, and strengthening Pacific resilience to climate change and disaster can be found on the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat website:

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