Private Sector calls for open economies in the Pacific region


The Private Sector in their dialogue with the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders has urged more open economies in the region calling for streamlining of business processes and improved mobility for businesses.

“The Private Sector has been widely recognised as an essential driver for the much needed economic growth in this region, which warrants Leaders’ support for innovative approaches to promoting a balanced and inclusive model for sustainable growth,” Mr Redley Kilon, President of the Federated States of Micronesia Association of Chambers of Commerce said at the Dialogue.

In presenting the priority solutions, the Chair of the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisations, Mr Howard Politini has called for Leaders to prioritise the implementation the trade and investment agreements, including PACER Plus when concluded.

“Harmonising investment rules and key business procedures across the region,including continued prioritisation of Information and Communications Technology infrastructure and solutions with the long terms perspective is critical for the region,” Mr Politini said.

The Private Sector is urging freer movement of labour within the Pacific region to help build businesses.

“It is paramountthat Leaders consider implementing a Forum wide Pacific Business Travel Card that allows for businesspersons easier access across Pacific borders,” Mr Politini stated.

A call for a paradigm shift in the region’s thinking towards deliberate strategic policy efforts to respond to the labour market opportunities in the international market has been made.

“It is time to improve and expand existing programmes to build on the comparative advantages that many of the Pacific islands have in professions such as seafarers, caregivers, security, sports,” Mr Politini added

In concluding their statement at the Dialogue, the Private Sector urged Leaders to encourage and promote open economies in the Pacific that could drive investment growth and assist in reducing costs of doing business, and sought solutions to address the challenges expeditiously.


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