Regional Initiatives Sought By Forum Body

A committee set up by Pacific Forum leaders to encourage inclusivity and to foster regional initiatives is open for business.

The eight-member Specialist Subcommittee on Regionalism, set up on 13th April this year, is now calling for submissions on regional initiatives.

"The committee’s work is the beginning of an historical process for the region -- because it allows people of the Pacific to put through their own submissions on what they think Leaders should be focusing on as regional priorities,” says Dame Meg Taylor, Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat which implements the mandates of Pacific leaders, and chairman of the committee.

The new framework for Pacific regionalism grew out of the Pacific Plan and seeks to strengthen co-operation and integration in the Pacific region. Its specialist subcommittee, as part of its mandate to implement the new framework, also encouraged multi-sectoral partnerships and opened up more inclusively to the private sector and to civil society.

"The Sub-committee’s work represents a shift in the development paradigm and is vital in shaping the future Pacific regional agenda. This committee is tasked with identifying truly game-changing initiatives to transform the region, which will be put to Leaders for their consideration," says Secretary General Taylor.

She asserted the calls for regional initiatives will remain open for seven weeks: “Proposals or initiatives should be pitched at the regional level, that is, issues that we as a collective group can best respond to.”

All proposals received for regional initiatives will be available on the Forum’s website.

The eight members of the Specialist Sub Committee are: Melanesia - Mr Leonard Louma (PNG), Micronesia - Mr Gustav Aitaro (Palau), Polynesia - Mr Lopeti Senituli (Tonga), Australia - Mr John Davidson (Australia), Smaller Island States - Ms Teresa Manarangi-Trott (Cook Islands), Civil Society - Mr William Kostka (FSM), Private Sector - Mr Peter Kiely (NZ), Chair - Dame Meg Taylor, (PIFS).


Background Information:

About the Framework for Pacific Regionalism:

Mandated by Pacific Island Leaders at their annual Forum in July 2014. It articulates the vision, values and objectives of an invigorated Pacific–wide regionalism, and positions Pacific Islands Leaders to make game-changing decisions about the agenda and priorities for the Pacific region.

About the Pacific Islands Forum:

A political grouping of 16 independent and self-governing states. Its Secretariat (PIFS) is based in Suva, Fiji, to deliver on the decisions made at the annual Forum Leaders meetings and high level ministerial meetings. PIFS is led by the Secretary General (currently Dame Meg Taylor of Papua New Guinea) who is directly responsible to the Forum Leaders and to the Forum Officials’ Committee (FOC). PIFS is mandated to coordinate the implementation of the Framework for Pacific Regionalism.

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