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Analysis of Regional Governance and Financing

At its heart, Pacific regionalism is about how countries and territories determine a shared agenda and direct collective resources to deliver against their regional priorities. Deepening Pacific regionalism through the Framework for Pacific Regionalism requires thinking about how regional solidarity is serviced. This could be through amplifying a Pacific voice internationally, or identifying institutions and instruments that enable regional integration, or through ensuring coherence between collective decisions and practice. How can regional arrangements be refined to achieve deeper regionalism?

In September 2015, Forum Leaders tasked the Forum Secretariat to undertake an analysis of governance and financing options for the pursuit of Pacific regionalism, in collaboration with Member states, the Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP) and its member agencies. There are two central questions to be addressed:

The Pacific region’s countries and territories are at the heart of the analysis. A Forum Troika Strategic Oversight Group (SOG) will provide the strategic leadership for the exercise, informed by aSteering Committee comprised of Chairs of CROP Governing Councils and the Secretary General. The Forum Secretariat will conduct the analysis in close collaboration with Member states, CROP agencies and other regional stakeholders as deemed appropriate.


Timeframe and Sequencing
The analysis comprises three phases to confirm options to deepen Pacific regionalism. It is an iterative process, informed by each, prior phase. It commenced in early 2016, with an anticipated 12-24 month overall timeframe.


To learn more or ask a question about this work please email the Regional & International Issues Adviser, Anna Naupa: AnnaN@forumsec.org

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