Regional Trade

“The expression of a common sense of identity and purpose, leading progressively to the sharing of institutions, resources and markets with the purpose of complementing national efforts, overcoming common constraints, and enhancing sustainable and inclusive development within Pacific countries and territories and for the Pacific as whole”

Forum Leaders, Framework for Pacific Regionalism, 2014


The goal of the Economic Governance Programme is to facilitate opportunities for sustainable economic growth in Pacific Island Countries. Key programme objectives specific to Trade in the region include:

·         Improving the trade policy environment for domestic and international trade; and

·         Increasing trade and investment and private sector development

Regional Trade forms an integral element of the Secretariat’s Economic Governance work programme. Main activities centre around the negotiation and implementation of the following trade and economic cooperation agreements and other mandated trade related activities:

·         The Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA)

·         The PICTA Trade in Services (PICTA TIS) Protocol

·         PICTA Temporary Movement of Natural Persons (PICTA TMNP) Protocol

·         Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations Plus (PACER Plus); and

·         Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights (TK and IP).

In addition to the above, the Secretariat is also pursuing other trade related initiatives in the region. A summary of these activities can be found here.



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