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The Economic Governance Programme extends and coordinates policy advice and technical assistance in support of inclusive economic growth and sustainable development.

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat has four trade offices located in Auckland, New Zealand, Beijing, China, Sydney, Australia and Tokyo, Japan. The offices work independently but come together as Pacific Islands Trade and Invest. (Click here to download the Pacific Islands Trade & Invest 2011 Annual Report)

Pacific Islands Trade and Invest aims to provide the region with high-quality export facilitation, investment and tourism promotion services. As part of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, we focus on the development of export-capable businesses and the international promotion and support of exporters in Pacific island countries.

Pacific Islands Trade and Invest contributes to the sustainable economic development of the Pacific island countries by creating opportunities for exporters, investors and stakeholders.

The two Trade and Invest Offices in Auckland and Sydney, the Pacific Islands Centre in Tokyo and the Pacific Islands Forum Trade Office in Beijing work together to create greater international opportunities for Pacific Islands businesses by supporting trade, investment and tourism promotion with the aim of improving the livelihood of people in the Pacific Islands.

Pacific Islands Trade and Invest works with exporters to promote their products and services and attract investment to Pacific Islands businesses. We do this by:

  • Developing export-capable businesses;
  • Promoting and connecting export-ready businesses;
  • Connecting exporters with international buyers;
  • Facilitating the marketing of niche Pacific island tourism services and products;
  • Introducing potential investors to the Pacific islands;
  • Providing promotional support, networks and technical expertise; and
  • Facilitating shared understanding between markets.

Visit the Pacific Islands Trade and Invest website for more information or visit our offices online:

Pacific Islands Trade & Invest, Auckland, New Zealand

Pacific Islands Forum Trade Office, Beijing, China

Pacific Islands Trade and Invest, Sydney, Australia

Pacific Islands Centre, Tokyo, Japan 


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