Pacific Economic Governance Agencies' Seminar Series (PEGASeS)

The Pacific Economic Governance Agencies’ Seminar Series (PEGASeS) is organised jointly by the Forum Secretariat and the International Monetary Fund/Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre (IMF/PFTAC). The seminar was launched in March 2006, for the purpose of information exchange and better networking on development and macroeconomic issues with key regional (including CROP) and international agencies, academia, donors, government officials, and civil society representatives.

Presentations to date:

 Recent Global Economic Developments and Implications for Pacific Island Countries (PICs), Mr Yongzheng Yang, International Monetary Fund Resident Representative Office in the Pacific Islands, February 2011

 UN-ESCAP Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2010: Performance and Challenges for Pacific Island Countries, Mr David Smith, UN-ESCAP Pacific Office, Fiji, June 2010

 Financial Inclusion in Practice, and the Potential in the Pacific, Mr Tillman Bruett, Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme, UNDP, March 2010

Issues, Challenges and Opportunities with Private Sector Development in the Pacific, Mr Henry Sanday, Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation, July 2009

 Current Economic Crisis and its Impact: An Opportunity for Legal Empowerment in the Pacific, Dr Asif Chiba, UNDP Pacific Centre, April 2009

 Tourism's Role in the South Pacific Economy, Mr Tony Everitt, South Pacific Travel, November 2008

 Japan -IMF Scholarship Program for Asia, Mr Romuald Semblat and Ms Saika Kin, IMF Regional Office for Asia Pacific, October 2008

 Rising Inflation and Downside Risks to Economic Growth in the Asia-Pacific Emerging Economies, Dr Susan Adams, IMF/PFTAC, October 2008

 The Evolution of Fiji's Capital Markets, Ms Mereia Volavola, Capital Markets Development Authority, September 2008

 A Good Governance Index for Pacific Island Countries, Dr Haruo Nakagawa, Pacific Institute of Advanced Studies in Development and Governance, University of the South Pacific, July 2008

 Remittances: Amplifying the Voice of Consumers, Mr Tomas Ernst, World Bank, May 2008

 A Macroeconomic Assessment of Poverty and Hardship in the Pacific: Lessons, Challenges and Policy Responses for Achieving the MDGs, Mr David Abbott, UNDP Pacific Centre, May 2008| Speaking notes for Mr David Abbott's Presentation, May 2008

 The Changing Dynamic of Revenue Policy for Small Developing Countries, Mr Peter Mullins, Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund, March 2008

 Binding Constraints to Economic Growth in the Pacific, Prof Ron Duncan, Executive Director, Pacific Institute of Advanced Studies in Development and Governance, University of the South Pacific, November, 2007

 A Macroeconomic Portrait of the Pacific, by Dr Susan J. Adams, IMF-PFTAC Coordinator, August 2007

 Domestic and External Debt Management: Perspectives from Pacific Islands Nations, Dr. HK Pradhan, Debt Management Advisor, Commonwealth Secretariat, April 2007

 Challenging Economic Statistics in the Pacific - Officials from National Statistical Offices in the Pacific, and an overview provided by Michael Andrews, Statistics Adviser, PFTAC, November 2006

 Tax Administration and Policies in the Pacific Islands- Challenges and Opportunities over the Medium Term - Carson McNeill, Tax Administration and Policy Adviser, PFTAC, August 2006

 Following in the Wake of Asia’s Progress – Are We Being Left Behind? – Savenaca Narube, Governor Reserve Bank of Fiji, June 2006 | Speaking notes for Governor, Savenaca Narube’s Presentation, June 2006

 Poverty, Conflict & MDGs in the Pacific Region – Garry Wiseman, Coordinator United National Pacific Centre, April 2006

 Developments in Financial Regulation in the Pacific Islands, Andrew Milford, Financial Sector Adviser, PFTAC, March 2006

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