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Employment opportunities at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat

Positions at the Forum Secretariat are open to citizens of member countries. Work is linked to the organisation’s focus areas – economic growth, good governance and security.

There are also opportunities for employment in other occupational fields such as development cooperation, policy coordination, communications, administration, finance, human resources and information technology.

Professional excellence, personal leadership, team spirit, openness to dialogue and responsiveness to stakeholders in an international intergovernmental organisation with a multicultural, caring, inclusive and innovative environment are the values aspired to by all working for the Forum Secretariat.

Employment at the Forum Secretariat often requires travel to member countries in the Pacific and to meetings and workshops in other parts of the world.


Employees in Positions Advertised Internationally (EPAIs)

As an EPAI you could either be part of the Executive Management team, managing one of the globally located trade or political offices, an Adviser or a Project Officer.

In any of these roles you would be providing the expertise and coordination necessary for the planning and execution of the Secretariat’s various programmes and projects.

Employees in Positions Advertised Locally (EPALs)

EPALs as the name suggests are recruited from the local market and must be nationals of the host country. They provide logistical and administrative support in the areas of administration, finance, information management and technology, human resources and property.

Other Opportunities at the Forum Secretariat

From time to time, PIFS requires extra services (temporary staff or consultants) provided by persons other than its own staff. These temporary services enable the Secretariat to deal with a short-term overload of work or to bring in outside expertise.

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